‘My spiritual master told me that life is bliss.
And you sit like that and you close the eyes
and you let your mind go deep within yourself
and you get to Transcendental Consciousness.
I did with him, and I found it so good, so good, so good.
I saw in the world people suffering and all, so I came out to say,
"No, no, no. Suffering is not good. Deep within you is bliss consciousness—
life is bliss.” How to explore it? Through the practice of Transcendental Meditation.’

—Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

The Perfected Yoga

Maharishi Nagar, 1988

Maharishi: ‘Yoga (1), Samsiddha’–Yoga is one requirement, Siddha Yoga (2) is another requirement. Samsiddha (3) is the third requirement. And the values of these are very simple to understand.

Yoga we know is the summation of all the trends of mind–Yoga, Samadhi, Transcendental Consciousness. How it becomes perfected? Yoga becomes perfected when the Yoga state is not disturbed by anything. What could be the disturbing element–because that Yoga state is absolute silence–what could be disturbing to it? Only the activity could be disturbing to it. But when the action does not disturb the silence of the Yoga, then Yoga is perfected. It is a beautiful point.

So Yoga, that is bringing in one point all the different values of the wandering mind, and then that Kaivalya, that is the Yoga, Singularity, Self-referral, when that is not disturbed by anything, means no activity can disturb it.

Now here is a picture of Yoga and Karma-Mimansa, Jaimini. When Jaimini cannot disturb Patanjali–Karma-Mimansa cannot disturb the Yoga state which is Kaivalya–then Yoga is perfect–Yoga Siddha, Siddha Yoga.

Now Siddha Yoga is not enough, it should be Samsiddha Yoga. Yoga is this part, and Samsiddha Yoga is again as it was the case with Yoga and Siddha Yoga, that one could not be disturbed by anything. Then Samsiddha Yoga will be that where the union of Yoga and Karma, silence and Karma, will not be disturbed by anyone. And it happens only in the state of what is known as Vedant. That this silence and this dynamism, both are my Self. This is purely, fully awake.

In the Yoga it is Transcendental Consciousness, one is Self-referral. And then one knows the activity, because activity is also there. Activity means Devata. Devata is also there. Wherever there is Rishi there is Devata, there is Chhandas. So in this case the Rishi knows, but he knows Devata. And in the knowing of Devata Chhandas covers, and there comes that most intimate union of Yoga and Karma, when both are my own Self.

The two are not two, they are two aspects of my own reality, and this is fully awake state of Samhita of Rishi, Devata and Chhandas, total Self-awakening. And in this state it is not yet the fully state of Gyan. They say: ‘in time’ the Yoga Samsiddha gets established in one’s Self. That is what is the path to complete elimination of pragyāparat, ‘in time’. And this is that Lord Krishna says somewhere else, this is that unity consciousness which having gained doesn’t get disturbed.